Why Do Old Guys Hit On Me

There are a few reasons why do old guys hit on me. One reason could be that they are attracted to my physical appearance. Another possibility is that they are looking for someone to take care of them in their old age.

It could also be that they enjoy the attention and flattery that comes with being hit on by a younger woman. Whatever the reason, I usually find it flattering and amusing, even if it is a bit awkward at times.

There could be a number of reasons why old guys hit on you. Maybe they find you attractive or maybe they’re just trying to be flirty. Whatever the reason, it’s not always a bad thing.

Sometimes, it can be flattering to know that someone finds you attractive, even if they are older than you. So, next time an old guy hits on you, don’t be too quick to write him off. He might just surprise you.

What Does It Mean When You Attract Older Guys?

It can mean a few different things when you attract older guys. It could simply be that you yourself are getting older and so the men you attract are also getting older. Or, it could be that you have an “old soul” and so you’re more compatible with men who are a little bit older than you.

Alternatively, it could be that you give off a more mature vibe and so men who are looking for something serious are drawn to you. Whatever the reason may be, if you find yourself attracting older guys more often than not, there’s nothing wrong with it! Embrace it and see where it takes you.

Who knows, maybe one of these older gentlemen will turn out to be your perfect match.

How Do You Tell When an Older Man is Attracted to You?

There are a few telltale signs that an older man is attracted to you. First, he may start to pay more attention to you than he does to other people. He may also find ways to be near you or touch you in a non-threatening way.

Another sign is if he starts conversations with you more often or asks personal questions about your life. Finally, he may compliment you more often than usual. If you notice any of these behaviours, it’s likely that the older man is attracted to you.

What Is It Called When You are Attracted to Older Guys?

The term “older guys” can be a bit misleading. When people say they are attracted to older guys, they may mean that they are attracted to men who are older than them, or they may simply mean that they are attracted to guys who have an “old soul.” There is no definitive answer to this question.

Why Don’t Guys My Age Hit on Me

There are a few possible reasons why guys your age don’t hit on you. It could be that they’re not attracted to you, either physically or personality-wise. Or, it could be that they’re intimidated by you for whatever reason – maybe you come across as being unapproachable or uninterested.

It’s also possible that the guys your age just aren’t your type and you’re more compatible with someone older or younger. Whatever the reason may be, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that guys your age don’t hit on you. If they’re not your type anyway, then it’s probably for the best that they leave you alone.

And if they are your type but are too intimidated to approach you, well, maybe it’s time to take the initiative yourself and make the first move. Who knows, you might just end up getting exactly what you want!

Why Do Older Men Find Me More Attractive

There are a number of reasons why older men find younger women more attractive. It could be because younger women are typically seen as being more vibrant and youthful, which can be appealing to someone who is starting to feel their age. Additionally, younger women may be less likely to have baggage from past relationships, such as ex-husbands or children, which can make them seem more carefree and available.

Finally, many older men simply enjoy the company of a woman who is at a different stage in her life than they are; a young woman can provide conversation and activities that are fresh and new, rather than rehashing the same old stories and experiences. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that there is something about younger women that appeals to many older men.

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Why Do Only Creeps Hit on Me

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another: why do only creeps hit on me? We might not like the answer, but it’s important to understand why this happens so we can avoid it in the future. There are a few reasons why someone might only ever hit on you if they’re a creep.

First, they might not be very attractive themselves and know that they won’t have much success with someone who is. Second, they might be looking for an easy target – someone who is likely to say yes because they don’t want to deal with rejection. And finally, they might think that you’re desperate and will take whatever you can get.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about the first two reasons – if someone is unattractive or sees you as an easy target, there’s not much you can do to change their mind. However, the third reason is something you can control. If you come across as desperate or needy, then people will see you as an easy target and are more likely to try their luck.

The best way to avoid being seen as a desperate case is to act confident and self-assured – even if you don’t feel it inside. Stand up straight, make eye contact, and don’t be afraid to say no thank you when someone hits on you in a way that makes you uncomfortable. It’ll take some practice, but eventually, people will start to see you as somebody worth hitting on – rather than just a creep’s last resort!

Why Do I Attract Old Creepy Man

Old creepy men. Why do they exist? And why do I seem to attract them?

It’s not something I’m proud of, but it seems like everywhere I go, there’s an old man who just won’t leave me alone. He’ll try to strike up a conversation, or he’ll make comments about my appearance. Sometimes he’ll even follow me around.

It’s really creepy and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know why these old men are drawn to me, but it needs to stop. It’s not flattering, it’s not flattering at all.

If anything, it makes me feel like a piece of meat that they’re just trying to get their hands on. So what can be done about this problem? Well, first of all, if you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t be afraid to speak up and tell the old man to back off.

You have every right to do so and he should respect your wishes. Secondly, try your best to avoid being alone in places where these old men congregate (i.e., don’t go into secluded areas by yourself). And finally, if nothing else works, consider getting a restraining order against the creepiest of the bunch.

Hopefully, that will send a clear message that you’re not interested and he should leave you alone for good!

Why Do Older Guys Hit on Me Reddit

It’s no secret that older guys tend to hit on younger women. But why is this? Is it because they’re just trying to take advantage of us?

Or is there something more going on? According to a recent Reddit thread, it seems like there are a few reasons why older guys hit on younger women. For one, they say that we’re usually more confident and outgoing than our female peers.

This makes us more attractive to them. Another reason is that older guys tend to be more experienced in the dating world. They know what they’re doing and they’re not afraid to show it.

This can be a major turn-on for younger women who are still exploring their own sexuality. Lastly, some older guys simply can’t help but feel attracted to youthful energy and beauty. We represent something they can’t have anymore and it’s intoxicating.

Of course, not all older guys are hitting on us for these reasons. Some are just creeps who need to learn how to respect boundaries. But if you find yourself being hit on by an older guy, now you know why!

Why Do Only Older Guys Approach Me Reddit

If you’re a woman in your 20s or 30s and have ever wondered “why do only older guys approach me?,” you’re not alone. A quick search on Reddit will reveal that this is a topic of discussion amongst many women of all ages. So, why does this happen?

There are a few possible explanations. First, it could be that older men are simply more confident when it comes to approaching women they’re interested in. They’ve had more time to perfect their pick-up lines and learn how to read body language cues.

Additionally, they may be less likely to take rejection personally since they’ve probably experienced it more throughout their lifetime. Another explanation could be that younger women are seen as more desirable by older men. This could be because we live in a youth-obsessed culture where youth is equated with beauty and vitality.

Older men may view younger women as being easier to impress and mould into the type of partner they’re looking for. Additionally, many older men have the financial stability that can be appealing to younger women who are just starting out in their careers or still working towards establishing themselves financially. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s clear that this phenomenon exists and is something that many women have experienced at some point in their lives.

If you find yourself constantly being approached by older men, there’s nothing wrong with that – embrace it! Who knows, maybe one day you’ll end up dating or even marrying one of them!

Why Do Older Guys Like Me Reddit

There are a number of reasons why older guys like me, and I’m not just talking about the physical attributes that may or may not appeal to them. I think it has a lot to do with my personality and the way I carry myself. For starters, I’m confident and comfortable in my own skin.

I know who I am and what I want out of life, and I’m not afraid to go after it. Older guys appreciate this kind of self-assurance, especially when they’ve been dating for a while and are tired of games. They also like that I’m independent and don’t need them to take care of me or make all the decisions.

In other words, they don’t have to worry about me being clingy or needy. Finally, I think they appreciate my honesty and openness. When you’re younger, you tend to hold back a lot out of fear of rejection or judgement, but as you get older, you realize that life is too short to play it safe all the time.

So if an older guy asks me out on a date, he can rest assured that he’s getting the real me – no BS included.


There are a few possible explanations for why older men hit on younger women. One reason could be that they feel more confident and secure in themselves than they did when they were younger, so they feel like they can take more risks – including hitting on younger women. Another possibility is that older men simply find younger women more attractive than women their own age.

Finally, it’s possible that older men are just trying to recapture some of the youthful energy and excitement that they felt when they were young themselves. Whatever the reasons, it’s clear that many older men enjoy hitting on younger women – even if it doesn’t always lead to success.

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